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CrystalBay supports US business! This item is made with pride in the USA. Your purchase supports small business and workers in the USA. Thank you!!

Support US workers! Our Hummingbird & Angel art tapestries are made in the USA!

Web Design Videography

Welcome to CrystalBay.net, Solar Living, Home and Garden, Gifts, Web Design and Development

CrystalBay Solar Natural Living - Innovative Solar Products, Solar Lights, Solar Fountains and Gifts!Above:
Bird of Paradise, Solar Water Fountain, Solar Cherub Angels, Hummingbird Throw, Stainless Solar Lights

See our Holiday Gift Guide--special gifts for the holidays and everyday.

Customer Favs: Solar Radio, Water Fountains, Solar Fairy, Garden Lights, Angel Throw

Think PINK!
 Our Pink Ribbon Scarf is made in the USA!

CrystalBay.net Pink Ribbon Scarf -- Support cancer survivors and fighters. Made in USA!
click to see larger picture

This beautiful, soft tapestry weave scarf is 5.5" x 60". A portion of the sale benefits the Breast Cancer Foundation

Special $14.95, retail $19.99, sh $4.50


Make Your Own Free Garden Compost

We composting! Why? It's simple. Take your vegetable food scraps (veggies, fruit, egg shells; no meat or fat), throw them on a pile of dirt. Dig it under. Mix in some dry leaves and twigs, tea bags and coffee ground you have. Keep adding to it and shovel dirt over.

In a few months, thanks to some busy little earth worms, you have nutrient rich FREE compost for your flowers and vegetable garden!

Developed by CrystalBay Computer Services



CrystalBay's Happy Vegan-Dog Food Recipe -- FREE!

CrystalBay dogs and solar panel soaking up the sun
dogs snooze w/solar panel

Healthy, Happy, Cruelty-Free Dog Food

As animal lovers we believe in providing our furry family members with love and the best food possible.

I worried about chemicals and additives in their food. I learned that most of the pet 'foods' sold in grocery stores were full of products we would not want to eat ourselves and that we would not feed to our beloved canine companions if we really knew what they were. While the pet food companies show pretty pictures of wholesome ingredients on their covers, that can be misleading about what is really inside.

The shocking truth is that the 'animal digest' and 'animal fat' in dog and cat food is often made up of diseased animals, diseased organs and all, numerous harmful chemicals, and even the chemicals used to euthanize dogs and cats (many from pounds including ground up collars!) and the poor dogs and cats themselves!  You can learn more about rendering plants how rendered anilmals get used in your pet's and your own products, such as soaps and cosmetics, here and in this article 'Test animals rendered into pet food'.

 While researching about pet health, I came across this information on the oldest dogs in the world. Bella reportedly ate high quality animal protein. Bramble, who reportedly made it to the ripe old doggie age of 29 was a vegetarian Her diet consisted of rice. lentils and veggies!

There is an alternative to overly processed food. You can search for dog food without 'animal fat' or make your own Veggie Dog food! My dogs love their Veggie Dog food! Cook a batch ahead and put some in the refrigerator and freezer for throughout the week. THIS IS SO GOOD, YOU CAN EAT IT TOO and feel good about serving it to your dogs! For those times when you don't have time to cook, I have found Trader Joes dog food which contains chicken and rice, but not 'animal' fat.

(Note:  Check with your vet whether to include garlic in the recipe or when changing your pet's diet.)

CrystalBay's V-Dog Food
For happy, healthy dogs. Good for people too!

  Bag of Lentils
  Bag of Brown rice
  4 or 5 large Carrots
  2 cups of fresh Spinach
  2 tablespoons of Garlic (fresh or powder)
  Oregano, Basil
  Olive oil

In large pot, put bag of lentils and brown rice. Rinse and cover with an equal amount of water. Cover, bring to boil and simmer. Add chopped carrots and simmer about 1/2 hour. Add spinach, garlic and herbs. Continue simmering until lentils and rice are soft. Remove from heat and add a few tablespoons of olive oil.

Cool and refrigerate portions to serve the next few days. Serve at room temperature or luke-warm. Enjoy!


Your purchase from this site helps feed our wonderful little zoo of rescued dogs, cat that has adopted and trained us, as well as our human family. Above, dogs and solar spot light soak up the sun. Below, pond water fountain is powered by solar panel.

Whenever possible CrystalBay showcases green items such as solar, organic and recycled products, as well as items made in the USA to support US workers. Our natural cotton throws and beautiful Angel of Light art throws and angel wall hangings are made in the USA.

Find information on compassionate and sustainable living as well as goods that are powered by the sun's solar energy! Learn about cool things such as making your own solar system, easy to set up solar water fountains, and home made vegan dog food! You will find beautiful hand made items and pure toiletries without animal fats or harsh chemicals. This gorgeous Metal Sealife Art is hand made from recycled steel drums.

Thank you for visiting CrystalBay.net. Have a wonderful day!

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"The SUN with all those

 planets revolving around it

 and dependent on it,

 can still ripen a bunch

 of grapes as if it had

 nothing else to do" -Galileo


Solar Water Fountains - click to see larger solar fountain picture!

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  Green Facts-Did you know this about soap? Most grocery store soaps contain animal fat from rendering plants! Our soothing and fragrant natural soaps contain only all natural plant ingredients. In our Holiday Gift Guide.

Gift Wrap your online CrystalBay order!*CrystalBay offers gift wrapping making gift giving a breeze! If you'd like to add a gift message, please note in shopping cart order notes field. $4.50

Gift Wrap Choice...

Sorry no gift wrapping on large/special order items.

Solar Rock Fountain
-Customer Favorite! Dolphin & Whale Art Beach Towels,
Solar Radio w/ Flashlight & Siren New Solar Rainbow Color Changing Lights!


CrystalBay Solar Color Changing Light Set Stainless Steel ships throughout USA, California and Canada. Click to see larger solar garden light picture.Color Changing Rainbow Solar Garden Light Set
These durable, easy to use solar garden lights change colors from a rainbow of hues of green to blue to red. Can also be set to shine just white with flip of a switch! The lights come with rechargeable batteries and garden stake... just set the solar lights in a sunny spot in the garden to charge. An auto-light sensor automatically turns the lights on a dusk! (Click picture to see larger image.)

Set of 2 Lights!
LED: 1 White & 1 Color Changing LED
Outer Material: Stainless Steel & Anti-Heat Plastic
Pre-Installed 1.2V 600MAH Rechargeable AA Battery
Diameter : 5", Height: 15.5"

Just $19.99/se SH 9.50

Solar Rock Water Fountain Set

A relaxing garden water fountain powered by the sun!

Turn any spot in your garden into a little bit of paradise with CrystalBay's solar water fountain rock pump set. This solar water pump is perfect for a sunny spot in your garden or patio. Very easy to set up!--Just place the fountain pump in a basin, bird bath or small pond, place the solar rock with solar panel in the sun and you have a beautiful and relaxing water fountain powered by the sun! Reg. $45, CrystalBay sale only $25.99! Reg. $29.99 SH $12.50

   solar water fountain rock click to see larger picture!
Solar Fountain Rock specifications (click picture to see larger image):

Advanced multicrystalline 1.2 W silicon solar panel
Solar Panel Dimensions: 5" W x 3" L x 1/4" D
DC 6-9 Volt submersible pump
Maximum Water Lift Height: 0.9 Meter (abt. 18"-28" lift depending on sun)
Maximum Flow Rate: 200 L/H
Includes 5 meter (abt. 15 ft.) cable
Comes with attachment heads for various waterfall effects

Also see CrystalBay's larger
solar fountains and conventional water fountains.

FREE One World and Peace Flags!

World Flag with NASA picture of Earth, FREE with purchase!Peace flag, Free with purchase!

 World, Peace Flag Order $100 or more from CrystalBay.net and receive a free 3 x 5 feet flag! $19.99 value. Also available: USA, Rainbow Peace, POW. Please note in your online order "Free Flag" and the design you'd like. Click for more info. or to purchase a flag.