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solar gear, gas masks, pepper spray, stun guns, army surplus specials

Emergency Preparedness Gear

Click for more info. on the Emergency Hammer or to order.SOS 4-in-1 Emergency Hammer
The Emergency Hammer has a seatbelt cutter, duel sided titanium hammer tips, emergency flashlight, and glow locator. For car, boat, trucks, RV & plane.

Solar Vehicle Battery Charger, trickle charge $24.95, reg. $29.95

Solar Lantern This great solar lantern has fluorescent, search light and blinking, emergency light! Built in solar panel.

Solar Dynamo Radio with Lights and Siren! A must have. This radio and flashlight is solar powered and dynamo (hand crank) powered.

Solar Dynamo World Band Radio, our price only $79.99! Same world band radio that sells for $129 elsewhere. 11 bands including international radio, TV, police, weather and more. Deluxe package comes with rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries, AC/DC adapter and ear plugs.

Gas Masks Very limited quantities! All sales final on Gas Masks.

Russian NBC Military Gas Masks $39.99 Limited Supply!
These are new Russian military rubber gas masks with hose, exhale valve, sealed canister filter and canvas carrying bag. Olive drab mask, one size fits all with adjustable head straps, designed for extended use. Metal rimmed eye shields. Rated Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. SH $9.50 usps, ups, dhl. 

Russian/German NBC Gas Mask, Pull On with Carry Bag $39.99
Popular pull on style NBC rated gas mask covers the head for added protection. New gas mask comes with new NBC filter and a green, military canvas carrying bag. Each filter is rated to last 7-10 hours. Uses standard 40mm NATO style cannister filters. Rated Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. SH $9.50 usps, ups, dhl.

NBC: Designed for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical protection.

Please note: Gas masks are military surplus. While they have been made for protection against chemical, biological and nuclear attacks, we can not guarantee that they will save lives. They are sold as novelty items. All sales are final on gas masks.

Pepper Spray
AERKO FREEZE+ 1% CS + .25% OC Police Pepper Spray
iconMace Pepper Foam OC Defense Spray Large, $17.99icon

Stun Guns
Z FORCE® MODEL ST SLIM 300,000 VOLT STUN GUN, $49.99icon


Different states have different regulations regarding stun guns and self-defense pepper spray. Check with your local law enforcement. These items ship within the USA only. Must be 18 or older.

Long live FREEDOM!
Click to see larger US Flag picture.
Large 3' x 5' USA Flag, polyester. Special $12.00, reg.$17.99

Cart will add $4.50 1st class shipping and handling. S/H only $2.50 ea. addtl. flag. Also available: Gadsen flag, POW, Peace, Earth (NASA picture of earth from space).

Fire the utility company! -- Generate your own free energy from the sun! Read our Solar FAQs.

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Keep pesky mosquitos away!
Click to buy the Mosquito Guard. Solar Mosquito Guard Keychain, $17.99 set of two, reg. $21

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