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Solar Fountains and Solar Water Pumping
Add our whimsical and functional Solar Floating Island and Floating Frog Fountains to your pond or bird bath for a pleasing water fountain powered by the sun! Our powerful SOLARJACK and Dankoff Solar Pumps run your larger capacity water pumps with free photovoltaic energy from the sun! For farming, agriculture, RV, home use, remote homes, wells, and more. Solar-direct application or battery system applications.

Click to see our Solar Powered Fountains!Solar Powered Water Fountains

Shurflo Booster Pumps
SOLARJACK Submersibles and Dankoff Solar Slow Pumps

Shurflo Booster Pumps

Shurflo Turbo Booster Pump 12VDC
Good, all purpose DC booster pump. Field adjustable and energy efficient. Heat sink for cooling. 3.5 GPM, 45 PSI demand switch. Half inch ports. 3.5 in. x 12.5 in., 7 lbs. P/N 80125
$209, shipping and handling $9.50

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Shurflo Pressure Water Pump 8000 - 100 feet, 12VDC
Low cost, basic, standard RV booster pump. Self priming up to 8 vertical feet. 60 PSI demand switch, 1.5 GPM. 9 in. x 3 in., 5 lbs. P/N 80000
$90, shipping and handling $8.50

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Click to see available Solar Cool Cap colors and designs.Keep cool with a Solar Cool Cap!
"Of the available energy that reaches us here on earth,
enough power is released in a quarter of an hour
to power all mankind's needs for a whole year."

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Need a more powerful Solar Pump? Order our Solar Electric Products Catalog for dozens of DC water pumps and controllers, accessories, solar panels, and more! Including:
SOLARJACK Submersible DC Pumps and Dankoff Solar Slow Pumps.

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