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Solar Village

Solar Chargers
Rechargeable Batteries and Solar Battery Charges
Portable Solar Cell Phone, MP3, Battery Charger

Universal Solar Battery Charger
12 Volt and 6 Volt Rechargeable Deep Cycle Batteries


Solar Cell Phone, MP3, Battery Charger!Portable Solar Cell Phone MP3, Battery Charger Sale $27.99, reg. $45, s/h $6.50

This handy pocket-sized solar charger can serve as a backup or field power source for your mobile phone, MP3, mini disc/cassette player and other small electronic devices! The built-in battery cabin can charge 5 AAA rechargeable batteries. Just set the unit with solar panel in full sun to charge. 168 x 108 x 28mm. This cool Portable Solar Charger includes:

  • Built-in Solar Panels
  • Connecting Wire
  • 5-Mobile Phone Adaptors
  • 1-Multi-Purpose Adaptor
  • Power Rating: 2 Watt
  • Operating Voltage: 7-8 Volts
  • Peak Charging Current: 220mA

Make a solar energy starter system with our 5 watt, 8 watt or larger solar panels! Generate free energy from the sun. Check out out solar panels, solar security lights, solar yard lights and more.


Universal Solar Battery Charger
Sale $17.99, reg. $19.99

Save hundreds of dollars off the cost of using throw away akaline batteries! Use rechargeable batteries to power your portable devices like Game Boys, radios, portable fans and TV's, etc. The Universal Solar Battery Charger chargers four different standard size rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries. Water resistant case for your outdoor expeditions.

The Universal Solar Battery Charger will charge AA, AAA, C, D size Ni-Cads. Place outside in the sun or in a sunny window. 30 day limited warrantee. 100% satisfaction guarantee! Does not include batteries. s/h $5.50.

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Four AA Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries only $9.99

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Solar Power Cool Cap $15.99,
reg. $17.99
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The innovative Solar Power Cool Cap and Solar Safari Hat use the sun's energy to keep you cool and fresh on hot days. Great for gardening, golfing, picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.

An on/off switch allows you to control the built-in fan which is powered by a small, lightweight solar panel on top. Silent operation while the sun shines on the solar cell. You may also use two AA batteries to run the fan in the shade (not included). While your wilting friends are green with envy, you'll be cool as a cucumber. Or you could order one for a friend too! Adjustable to fit men and women. The Solar Caps are available in white only with a golf logo embroidery patch. $5.90 S/H, $3.50 ea. addtl. cap.

Order a Solar Cool Cap, only $15.99

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 Save on our 5 Watt Solar Panel. click for more info.
Save on our 5 Watt Solar Panel!

Build your own Solar Energy System with our Solar Panels. Read our Solar Electric FAQs to learn more!

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See CrystalBay's fun and warm Dolphin Fleece Throw Blanket in our Sun, Sea and Fun online gift guide!Save on this adorable dolphins fleece throw!


Find special deals on cool solar products, wildlife gifts and more in CrystalBay's Winter Spring Holiday Gift Guide

Solar Garden Lights Solar Rock Spotlights, Solar Fairy Angel Lights and more!

Solar Powered Water Fountains! Easy to set up solar fountain kits come with a solar panel and water fountain pump.


Click to order the Solar Race Car Kit.

Solar Race Car Kit
Fun and Educational Solar Race Car Kit has crystalline solar panel, small motor and decals for decorating. Easy to build with snap together plastic parts for ages 8 and up. Runs when solar panel is in the sun! Special $14.99, reg. $17.99,  s/h 5.50
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Special Savings on Two Solar Race Car Kits! - 2 for $25.99, only $7.50 USPS Priority s/h

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Solar Natural Living
POB 2635
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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Contact us at info@crystalbay.net.

Rechargeable Deep Cycle Batteries
Charge these deep cycle batteries with a solar panel during the day and power your 12V appliances at night.

Concorde 'Sun-Xtender' VRLA Sealed AGM Batteries
Maintenance-free lead acid batteries with non-spillable glass mat (AGM) technology. Higher capacity ratings and cyclic performance than gelled batteries. All have lead flag terminals and include 5/16 -inch stainless steel bolts. One year warranty. AH capacity at 20 hour rate.

PVX-1248 - 12V-48AH
55AH at C/100, 9.4 in. x 5.5 inc. x 9.3 in. (23.9 cm x 14.0 cm x 23.6 cm), 35 lbs (16.0 kg). P/N 42192 $108.00, shipping and handling $18.60

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PVX-1272 - 12V-72AH
86 AH at C/100, 12.0 in. x 6.6 in. x 9.3 in., 52 lbs.. P/N 42191 $156, shipping and handling $20.50

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Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries
Built for uncompromising performance, reliability and value. The battery of choice for most stand-alone PV power systems and RV use.

T105 - 6V, 250AHat C/100 includes hexnuts
10.38 in. x 7.12 in. x 11.2 in., 62 lbs. 18 month free replacement warranty. P/N 40426 $85.00, shipping and handling $21.00

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RES5 - 12V, 130AH at C/100
12.75 in. x 6.75 in. x 9.75 in., 60 lbs. 12 month free replacement warranty. P/N 40427 $98.00, shipping and handling $21.00

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Need larger capacity or industrial cell batteries? CrystalBay Solar also carries 6V 1025AH and 2V 2040AH batteries, renewable energy accessories and more. Order our Solar Electric Products catalog.

Find solar panels for charging your rechargeable batteries or directly powering water pumps, lights, and 12V appliances here...
Solar Panels 



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