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Featured: Natural Soaps, oil warmers.
Handcrafted Soaps 

Click to see larger Druid Dream Magical Soap picture.Click to see larger Blueberry Soap picture.

Beauty & Health

Our beautiful, jewel tone handcrafted soaps are made from an all natural vegetable oil base of olive oil, fresh coconut oil, and palm oil. Quality essential and fragrant oils and herbs are blended in. Unlike most supermarket soaps, these soaps do not contain animal fats or products and are not tested on animals! These soaps are vegan approved!

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Celtic Hear Lavender Soap - click to see larger pictureCeltic Heart Lavender Soap
Beautiful soap heart with Celtic scroll design. Made from lavender soap -- our most popular fragrance. Two bars for $6.
  s/h 3.50
Dolphin Sea Soap
Soft scented molded, moisturizing soap with three dolphins in contrasting color. Two bars $6. s/h 3.50
Click to see larger Druid Dream Magical Soap picture.Druid Dream Magical Soap
Fun, colorful, sweetly scented soap with sprinkling of fairy dust! Two bars for $6. s/h 3.50
Click to see larger Blueberry Soap picture.Luscious Blueberry
Gorgeous and fragrant like fresh, ripe blueberries. Beautiful blue color. Two bars for $6. s/h 3.50
Relaxing Lavender Soap
Soothing scent moisturizing soap with real crushed Lavender petals. Our most popular fragrance. Two bars for $6. s/h 3.50
Golden Angel Lavender Soap - click to see larger picture!New! Golden Angel Lavender Soap 
This beautiful, hand crafted soap is made of our popular, natural lavender soap with a molded golden angel on top. Two bars only $6 s/h 3.50
Sandlewood Soap - click to see larger pictureWarm Sandlewood Soap
This warm scented soap has crushed sandlewood powder in a natural plant oil based soap.
Two bars for $6. s/h 3.50
Paw Dog Soap! Wonderful soap for your best friend. Click to see larger picture.Paw Pal Dog Soap
This soap was specially made for your canine pal! All natural with special oils to inhibit fleas and keep your dog's coat clean and shiny. Fresh, mild scent. Two bars for  $6.
s/h 3.50
Pine Tar Soap
Yes, this soap is not real pretty, but it's wonderfully moisturizing! Has a nice fresh pine and herb scent too. Based on an ancient recipe.
Two bars for $6.s/h 3.50
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The ladies I met in Morocco used this soap -- we went to the public baths (ladies and kids only, sorry guys!) and they used this blackish, tar-like soap. They joked with me that it was, um, camel dung. I found out it was really Pine Tar soap, used since ancient times to make the skin soft. Give it a try!

Morocco Henna Party
When I was in Morocco, I was fortunate to be the guest of a family in the ancient city of Fez. The women threw a party with gleaming silver trays heaped full of cookies and traditional Moroccan hot mint tea in tall crystal glasses.

We sat on ornate hand made rugs and pillows as a village Berber woman came in with a bubbling, hot clay pot of dark goo -- henna. She painted elaborate designs on hands, feet and foreheads. Thought to bring good luck, the designs slowly fade away over time...

You can do Mehndi temporary tatoos at home with these easy to use kits. Sample designs are included, or design your own.

Mehndi: The Art of Henna Body Painting $8.80icon The ancient art of Mehndi natural plant-based temporary tatoo. Fun and beautiful designs.
Art of Henna, everything you need to make beautiful, temporary tattoos at home. $23.96

Hair Care Secret
Coconut oil is a wonderful hair conditioner. Just a drop rubbed in your hands and stroked over hair adds a lustrous sheen and helps tame frizzies and split ends. Try simple, natural coconut oil and other natural and botanical beauty and health care items.

To add more shine to your hair: Rinse with cool water after shampooing to close the hair shaft.

A private refuge from a hectic day...bliss.
Purple art Glass Oil Warmer Pewter Dolphins Oil Burner

Purple Art Glass Oil Warmer 
Pretty, antiqued pewter finish oil warmer is made of purple art glass with little flowers and clear glass oil bowl. A lighted votive candle in the cup casts a magical glow while releasing fragrant scent. Oil not included. 5" tall $15.95, s/h 4.90 priority

Pewter Dolphins Oil Warmer Three lustrous pewter dolphins hold a glass oil bowl. Oil not included. 4 3/4 x 4 1/2" $19.95, s/h 4.90 priority

Triple Dolphins Oil Warmer - click to see larger pictureTriple Dolphins Oil Warmer Beautiful, deep cobalt blue dolphins hold a dish for scented oil. Burn a candle beneath to release the aroma. Oil not included. Click on picture to see in detail. $12.95, s/h $4.90 priority


Aromatherapy Oils set of 12 with Wood Stand - click to see larger picture

12 Bottle Aromatherapy Oil Set
This set of aromatic incense oils has 12 wonderful fragrances and a wood stand. Made in India of fine oils in soothing, energizing and relaxing scents. Use in the oil warmers above. Popular fragrances including Lavendar, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lotus, Magnolia, Musk, Rose, Night Queen, Amber, Firdaus, Patchouli. 10 ml glass bottles. $17.99 set, s/h $5.50 priority

FREE CANDLES! Receive a bag of votive candles free with purchase of an oil warmer and incense oil set.


Amber - Healing,protection, warmth
Click to see amber bead detail.
Beautiful Baltic Amber jewelry.

True beauty is a compassionate spirit
It's real beauty that comes from inside -- This beauty comes from the spirit, joy of life, a true depth of feeling, compassion and struggle from those whose beautiful human qualities shine through. Also it comes from healthy living, lot's of fresh air, being one with the planet, and avoidance of foods and chemicals that do not nourish, but pollute our bodies.

On this page and throughout CrystalBay you'll find information, products, and ideas for healthy planet living, to make the world a somewhat better place and to bring out the radiant beauty and joyfulness within your being. Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the journey!

Amber Treasures on the CrystalBay virtual beach has Baltic Sea amber, sterling silver dolphins, sea turtles, and other little treasures!

We like Avon because they don't do animal testing. Cover Girl does (last time I checked) -- not so easy, breezy and beautiful.


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