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Free energy from the sun!

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Of the available energy that reaches us here on earth, enough power is released in a quarter of an hour to power all mankind's needs for a whole year.

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Turn your house & garden into a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat with CrystalBay Solar Water Fountains, Solar Garden Lights and beautiful home decor.




Solar Address Light - Click for information or to order the Solar Address Number Sign.Click to see the Solar Centurion solar powered security light.Natural Cotton Throw - Click to see natural throw and organic cotton clothingEmergency Preparedness Supplies - Click for information and to order the Solar Dynamo Radio Light.

Why use solar power?
Generate your own clean power with the sun. On large panels, back up batteries will store your power to use when the sun's not shining. Most of the smaller solar electronics we have, such as the solar lights and radios, have built in rechargeable Ni-cad battery functionality. Just place them in a nice sunny spot to charge! You can also use your own dynamo (wind up) power with our solar radios and solar radio lights!

Spring Special--Save on our Popular Solar Water Fountains!

solar water fountainsNow in Stock!

CrystalBay Solar Water Fountains

These innovative solar powered water fountain pumps come with a high efficiency solar panel, 6 Volt DC water pumps and various attachment heads for different fountain spray. Just place the water pump in your pond or birdbath, connect the solar panel, and place the solar panel in the sun. The water pumps automatically when the sun shines on the solar panel! For best operation place the solar panel in direct, un-shaded sun facing south towards the sun. Our solar fountains shoot a spray of water up to 2 ft. high on the smaller model and up to 40 inches high on the larger model!! Very easy to set up and use!


  • Comes with durable advanced amorphous solar panel
  • Includes 4 fountain head attachments for different spray patterns
  • Water pump is adjustable 30-60 GP, water flow capacity to 180 L/h
  • Up to 20" water lift height in direct sun
  • May be connected to 3/8" tubing for use in your water fountain statuary
  • 15 ft. cable from pump to solar panel

This solar powered water fountain has everything you need. Just place the solar panel in the sun. Place the water pump in your bird bath, pond or water basin, and the sun's energy powers the water fountain! Fast, easy set up!

 Special $45.99, Reg. $59.99, s/h $10.50 priority.  

Also see our more powerful 5 Watt Solar Water Fountain for large ponds and water features.

Save on our 5 Watt Solar Panel. click for more info.
Save on our 5 Watt Solar Panel!

Build your own Solar Energy System with our Solar Panels. Read our Solar Electric FAQs to learn more!

See our Solar Garden Lights, Solar Water Fountains, Solar Radios with Light

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solar garden lights

We love theses solar garden lights! Durable metal solar lights have bright LED light. Available in stainless steel and copper finish. Beautiful solar accent lights for your garden provide a lovely, clean white light at night to light pathways and accent flower beds. Just place in a sunny spot in the garden. The sun charges the solar panel and internal rechargeable Ni-cad battery. A built in light sensor turns the light on in the evening!

CrystalBay Solar Garden Lights

  • Powered by built in solar panel!
  • Fast, easy set up
  • Energy saving
  • Built in light sensor
  • Super bright white LED for brighter light output
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery included
  • Safe, water resistant

Sale $19.99/set of two!, reg. $29.99, s/h 8.90, ea addtl. set only $5.50 s/h


For dolphin lovers...

See CrystalBay's fun and warm Dolphin Fleece Throw Blanket in our Sun, Sea and Fun online gift guide!Save on this adorable dolphins fleece throw!



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