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Hummingbird Tapestry Afghan Throw - click to see larger picture.


Hummingbird Throw



Natural Cotton Throw 

iconHome and Garden Decorating
Enjoy the beauty of the night garden under the stars more often. Under the glow of the moon, the garden takes on a mysteriously beautiful and tranquil quality. These amazing lighted water fountains and tapestries will add a special, magical ambiance to your home and garden.
The Night Time Garden

Amazing Mystic Sky Fogger Fountain! click to see larger picture

Mystic Sky Fogger Fountain

The Mystic Sky Fogger Water Fountain provides a magical effect with water pouring out of the top bowl surrounded by wisps of fog. Colored lights add a beautiful effect at night. Comes with a water pump, metal stand, fogger, LED lights and an on/off control switch and 16 mode color controller which allow you to select single light color or rotate colors. The basin is a blue glass bowl in lotus shape.
17"(dia) x 32"(H); $49.95 the set, $14 UPS ground s/h

Solar Garden Lights

Click to order the Solar Address Number Sign.
Our Solar Powered Address Number Sign. Charges by the sun during the day and lights up at night to guide guests to your home. Very easy to install. Can be mounted in the ground or on your house. 15 1/4 x 9.5 x 2 in. 1 1/2 hour of sun = 1 full night illumination!  Reg. $54.99, special $49.99.

Click to see the Solar Garden Light and other solar powered lights.
Light your garden path with our solar garden lights. Our Solar Deck and Garden Lights are powered by the sun. No wiring is needed. Simple place in a sunny spot. Mounting pole and extension included. Also includes hardware for optional deck mounting. $24.99

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For more solar powered items, please visit our Solar Village.

Click to view the large Angel of Light Tapestry and Afghan Throw.
Angel of Light

Angel of Light Tapestry
Our Angel of Light Tapestry wall hanging and afghan are among the most beautiful tapestries we've ever seen. An ethereal angel feeds doves in a temple garden. Based on the artwork of Lena Lui. The wall hanging comes with tiny, real lights! Just plug them into a nearby power outlet to enjoy the tapestry's glow at night. 26" x 36" Wood hanging rod and cord included. Woven with pride in the USA. $45 s/h $7.50 UPS

The matching Angel of Light Afghan is a beautiful 100% cotton jacquard loom woven in the U.S.A. Generous sized, this exquisite tapestry throw beautifully adorns a couch or bed or you can also use as a large wall tapestry hanging. Machine washable gentle.  51" x 68" $49, s/h $6.50 


Victoria Garden Gargoyle - click to see large picture

Victorian Gargoyle Statue

 This delightful stone finish gargoyle is reminiscent of old Victorian garden art. Wonderful as a garden accent or perched on an indoor window ledge. 9" tall. $14.95, s/h $5.90


Cool, clear water flowing by rocks and fragrant flowers. Magical sprites and dragons ... in a secret garden.



Slumber Under the Stars
Sleeping under the stars is fabulous, but sleeping on them is fun too... in these gorgeous Celestial bed sets. (coming soon!)

Also see the adorable Dolphin Dream bed set in CrystalBay's Fantasea Gallery.

- A gardener's delight!

Hummingbird Tapestry Afghan Throw - click to see larger picture.Hummingbird Tapestry Pillow - Made in USA

Hummingbird Tapestry Throw has gorgeous, life-like hummingbirds with lilac and lavender flowers on a natural cream colored background. Fine jacquard woven throw is made in the USA. 51" x 68"  Machine washable. Click the tapestries to see larger pictures. The designs are amazing! Special $49, reg. $54 SH $6.50

Hummingbird Tapestry Pillow matches our afghan throw above. 18" x 12.5" $19.99 SH 5.50

Butterfly Reading Pillow Butterfly Reading Pillow This unique pillow has a beautiful tapestry design of colorful butterflies on the front and a special design to hold your book on the back! Click to see larger image. The butterfly colors are stunning!

Matching tapestry throws and wall hangings available for the Butterfly and Hummingbird designs by special order.

Golden State Gardening
Misty, fern covered coasts; hot, golden hills; pine forests; desert; you'll find these and more in California.

Is it spring yet? I was overly optimistic and started planting in the winter due to a bit of sunshine and mild weather. Then the frost came on like a white demon! My beautiful Australian Tree Ferns, once so lush and green now look like a burnt, brown crisp mess, but I'm sure they'll pull through like they always do once it warms up again.

The citrus do not look very happy, but they look alive. At least the chill is good for the dormant fruit trees so hopefully this year there will be a nice harvest. And, a little frost doesn't seem to bother the bulbs. The hyacinth are blooming cheerfully and the daffodils are almost ready to burst into bloom.

Along with the joys of spring come the temptations to use chemicals to get rid of the little garden pests that invade our prize flowers. I'm thrilled to have found natural, non-toxic alternatives. Please see our Organic Gardening Tips on the right and Gardens Alive! for very simple and easy to do remedies that really do work!

I know spritzing aphids off roses with the hose sounds too easy, but it's worked wonderfully here. No toxic chemicals are used that leach into the waterway or harm birds and the roses are always gorgeous.

Happy Gardening!

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The America's Heroes Tapestry Throw is woven in the USA.CrystalBay Winter Holiday Gift Guide -- order online anytime!
Snuggle up under a fabulous Wolf Afghan throw or a US Flag throw. Made in USA. Find special savings in CrystalBay's Autumn, Summer Sale and Winter Holiday Guide.


Hummingbird Flower Vase

Hummingbird Flower Vase
Watching iridescent hummingbirds flitting around the garden's flowers is one of life's simple and wonderful pleasures. Their beauty is captured in this fun flower vase. Adorable hummingbird's seem ready to take a sip from the vase. Glass vase will hold your cut flowers. Verdigris finish brass. $28 s/h $7.50

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Garden Cherubs

Click to see larger Cherub Garden Mirror picture or to order.
Cherub Garden Mirror 
Our delightful Cherub Garden Mirror does duel duty with a mirror and shelf. Hang it in a protected spot on your patio or in the house to add charm and functionality. Special $15.00, reg. $17.50, s/h $5.90  



Bronze Garden Gallery Dragon

magnifyGarden Gallery Dragon
This well made dragon looks as if it is hand carved. A unique accent in your garden or garden decor room. Approx. 12 in. long, bronze color finish resin. Click picture to see larger image. $19.99, s/h $5.90

Special Natural Cotton Throw 

Click picture to see weave in detail.  
This beautiful, natural cream color 100% cotton throw is woven in the USA. Pretty honey comb weave design with fringe edge. So soft and warm for cool evenings. Special $19.50,  reg. $24, SH $6.50


Heavy rubberized fabric shoulder bags feature a folding collar and over flap that keeps your gear safe from rain and spray. Great for protecting camp and gardening essentials. These are in new Dutch army surplus and feature 2'' removable shoulder straps. Olive color. Large 13'' h x 13-1/2'' w x 5-1/4'' d. $12.99icon
sorry sold out

Order online by secure server. You may use your credit card to order online via PayPal secure server or send a check or money order to CrystalBay.net at the address below. Prices are in $USD. International Customers: Please contact us for shipping rate and terms. Most items ship USPS Priority Mail in the USA. Cart will add $4.50 S/H for smaller items, more for larger items.

Organic Gardening
Getting Rid of Pests: Commonly used insecticides can have far reaching ill effects on your garden and the environment. Often beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantis, as well as birds, are killed along with the pests. Toxic pest control chemicals and chemical fertilizers pollute ground water, the rivers and oceans.

Non-Toxic Insecticides are far better for your garden and you. There are also many things that you can do that involve no extra chemicals at all!

When aphids are a problem on roses, I've found that simply squirting them off with the garden hose does the trick! No need to use chemical pesticides! Of course, ladybugs and praying mantis are also great little garden helpers.

Snails are particularly nasty pests here. If you put out bait, there is the danger that dogs or cats may eat it. You can easily hand pick early in the morning or late at night. Using two plastic bags helps. Or you can set out a saucer of beer (but in this case you'd need to protect against animals also). You can also find many non-toxic pesticides and natural gardening products at Gardens Alive!  

Luxurious Natural Soaps
Order beautiful natural soaps in CrystalBay Natural Health and Beauty. Fragrant Celtic Lavender Heart soap, Luscious Blueberry, Druid Dream, and more! 

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