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Solar Fans

CrystalBay Portable Personal Solar Fan Kit - also available in larger Expedition Solar Fan Kit.

Portable Personal Solar Fan Kit
Expedition Solar Fan Kit

Solar Fan Kit, 12" and 16"

Solar DC Vent Fans
Solar Panels

Generate a cooling breeze with energy from the sun! Use the free energy from the sun to run our solar fan kits. Great for outdoor expeditions, greenhouses, pets area, remote homes, conservation minded homes, camping, etc. The fan runs when the sun shines on a connected photovoltaic panel.

Portable Personal Solar Fan Kit CrystalBay Exclusive!
Our Solar Fan Kit (similar to shown above) comes with everything you need to harvest the sun's free energy to cool yourself in the great outdoors. CrystalBay's innovative Portable Personal Solar Fan Kit comes with a small DC fan (approx. 4") and a durable solar panel such as our 12" x 18" durable  5 watt aluminum frame solar panel. It's perfect for many outdoor activities and applications. Place the solar panel in a sunny location, clip the wires onto the DC fan, and enjoy a pleasant cooling breeze. Great for beach, outdoor expeditions, or for greenhouse air circulation. Runs when panel is in unshaded, direct sun. Place solar panel facing south in full sun for best exposure. Panel can also be used to trickle charge a deep cycle, rechargeable 12V battery (not included). 30 day manufacturer's warranty. Parts made in USA, Germany and China. Click to see larger picture. Reg. $99, special $94 sold out

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CrystalBay Expedition Solar Fan Kit CrystalBay Exclusive!
Our innovative Expedition Solar Fan Kit comes with a 5 to 8 watt solar panel, such as our 14 x15 inch Super Solar 500 Panel, and approx. 5" 12V fan. This kit is similar to the Portable Personal Solar Fan Kit, but the larger solar panel and more powerful fan provide more cooling air flow. Place this solar fan at the entrance to your tent and stay cool and fresh as a daisy. Just place the solar panel in the sun and the fan runs automatically! The brighter the sun the harder this solar fan works for you. No conventional electrical outlet or batteries are required. Also great for greenhouse air circulation, pottery kilns, camping, remote homes, etc. Very easy to set up.
Solar panel can also be used to trickle charge a deep cycle, rechargeable 12V battery (not included). Weighs approx. 6 lbs. 30 day manufacturer's warranty. Made in USA, Germany and China. Similar to picture above. Reg. $139.99, special $129.99 Sorry, sold out

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See our Solar FAQs for information on making a starter solar energy system and different solar applications.


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 Solar Electric Panels Trickle charge a deep cycle rechargeable RV/marine battery with these solar panels. Power many DC small appliances, or connect a power inverter to power many AC small appliances, TV, radios, lights, and more!

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