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Solar Modules

Small Solar Panels
Unbreakable Solar Electric Modules

Solar Cell Phone and Electronics Charger

Uni-Solar Modules shown

Solar Panel 5 Watt - Click to see larger picture!

Aluminum Frame Solar Panel 5 Watts

This a a nice, economical solar panel to trickle charge a deep cycle rechargeable battery (not included) or clip directly to power small 12V electronics. Place the solar panel in full, unshaded sun for best charge. 18" x 12" This durable solar panel includes:

  • Alligator clips to click onto a positive and negative battery terminal

  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame

  • Amorphous Solar Cell

  • 12 Volt

  • 5 Watt Output

Special $74.99!, Reg. $99.99, s/h 12.50 ups 

Want to learn more about renewable/solar energy?
Read our FAQs page for lots of useful info.

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Generate your own free energy from the sun!
CrystalBay is offering special savings on our most popular solar panels! Read our Solar FAQs to see how you can make an easy and useful solar energy system to power your lights, small appliances and more! Our economical, but durable  PV solar panels can get you started with solar energy or add on to an existing system. Now on Sale: Our 5 Watt Solar Panel only $74.99! (below)

Also see our Solar Fan Kits to harness the free energy of the sun for cooling! Great for home, attics, green house, camping, and beach!

Solar Cell Phone, MP3, Battery Charger!Portable Solar Cell Phone MP3, Battery Charger Sale $27.99, reg. $45, s/h $6.50, 2nd S/H only 3.50 sold out

This handy pocket-sized solar charger can serve as a backup or field power source for your mobile phone, MP3, mini disc/cassette player and other small electronic devices! The built-in battery cabin can charge 5 AAA rechargeable batteries. Just set the unit with solar panel in full sun to charge. 168 x 108 x 28mm. This cool Portable Solar Charger includes:

  • Built-in Solar Panels
  • Connecting Wire
  • 5-Mobile Phone Adaptors
  • 1-Multi-Purpose Adaptor
  • Power Rating: 2 Watt
  • Operating Voltage: 7-8 Volts
  • Peak Charging Current: 220mA


SALE Super Solar 500 Panel

12V-17V (max. in full sun), 8.5W, 450mA (min), 500mA (max. in full sun) 14"x15"x1", 5 lbs. click for specs. Special $119.99!, reg. $149.99, S/H $14.50
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Make a solar energy starter system with our 5 watt, 8 watt or larger solar panels!

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See our new Solar Garden Lights!Solar Spotlight Garden Rock shown in granite grey

Super, simple -- Just place in sun to charge and lights turn on automatically in the evening. Save on set of two!

Uni-Solar (US) Unbreakable Solar Electric Modules
United Solar's breakthrough technology Triple Junction silicon solar cell offers a durable, unbreakable solar electric module at affordable prices. Three semiconductor junctions, with spectrum splitting capability, stacked on top of each other provide higher efficiency. Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, enabling the modules to produce power even when partially shaded. 20 year limited warranty on 21 watt or larger panel!

US 21 - 21 Watt Uni-Solar Module
36.54 in. x 15.07 in. x 1.25 in. 6.6 lbs. Comes with an 8 foot cable. Only one left!
Special $175, reg. $189.00, $27 s/h ups

sold out

Unbreakable, efficient, shadow protected, and low cost solar electric modules!


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Super Solar 500 Panel

17V (max. in full sun), 8.5W, 450mA (min), 500mA (max. in full sun). Unit Dimensions: 14"x15"x1", Weight: 5 lbs. Special $119.99, reg. $149.99, ships UPS ground $14.50 in U.S. 30 day manufacturer warranty.

Simple to install and easy to use, the Super Solar Panel "trickle-charge" is used for many different applications:

  • water pumps
  • house and garage lights
  • outdoor telephones
  • satellites
  • recreational vehicles
  • portable televisions
  • radios
  • fountains
Maintenance free solar power gives years of use at no cost by harnessing the power of the sun. The solar panels have a built-in blocking diode in the circuit to prevent a reverse flow of electricity from the battery to the panel.
Connect to a rechargeable battery and inverter to run conventional appliances or run 12V devices directly connected to solar panel in sun.


A kit set of cable wires with clips are provided for connecting to a rechargeable battery or 12V appliance. The solar panels are made of high quality, new and improved resin material with excellent moisture protection on high quality iron tempered glass which is mounted into an aluminum form. This allows the panels to have weather and corrosive protection.


These items ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground depending on size and weight


Keep your cool on hot days with a Solar Cool Cap from CrystalBay Solar!
Click to see available Solar Cool Cap colors and designs.


sold out

SunMate 684 Solar Panel
SP60-12V (Voc 16 volts, Isc 60mA, max 80mA) 12V - 16V max. Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 1 inches, Weight: 1 lb. Special $34.99, reg. $39.99, shipping $7.50 in U.S.

This solar panel is specially designed for sailing boats, cars, radios, tent fans, portable televisions, flash lights, warning lights etc.

It converts the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, then supplies power to a rechargeable battery which in turn, provides power to operate the appliance load, day time charging for night time use.

The cells are laminated in E.V.A. resin with polycarbonate surface, and epoxy sealed with silicon rubber in an ultra violet inhibited polycarbonate plastic housing to withstand the rigors of weather.



  • Water-proof 
  • Rust-proof 
  • Corrosive-resistant 
  • Easy installation 
  • Built-in blocking diode 
  • Able to resist heavy weights 
  • Cable wire is provided for connections purposes.
  • Kit stand is provided to adjust to face the sunlight. 

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