How to Know What Women Want in a Man? – 4 Online Dating Service

How to Know What Women Want in a Man? – 4 Online Dating Service

Many men has questioned this question”what women want in a man?”and 8 or 9 out of 10 men will really question”What should men know if they are serious in having a long-term relationship with the women they like?”

In fact, the single most vital piece of relationship advice for men is to stop paying attention to what women say they want and start noticing what women are showing in accordance to their desires.

You might be asking me “How do women show what they want?” My answer is that it is as simple as how men select their like partner.

You have to know that women always do things in opposite to what they say. For instance, a woman may say that she wants a man who will listen to her but in the end she will end up with a man who dominates the conversation. Also, a woman may say she wants someone with a sense of humor but they really went to date a guy who has money instead.

This is really contradicting. Why would women like to say one thing but do another thing? The answer to this age-long question lies in women’s subconscious motivators for finding their mate. And therefore, this will kick start my relationship advice for men.

How woman search a man?

As long as human has lived, men and women get together because of one simple reason – to propagate the species of human beings. In other words, a woman may place pregnancy as the last thing on her conscious mind but when she is finding a man, she is finding one who can become a excellent papa for her children.

You might be thinking does a excellent dad means a guy who will listen to her? Of course not, she wants a guy who can provide for her children, in this case, she wants someone who has the confident to bring home the bacon to provide for the family.

Statistics have shown that women always look for men who are excellent providers. While a man basically has approximately one million sperms, women on the other hands only have about 400 chances of producing a baby. Hence, women need a man who can provide longevity and stability for their babies.

A man who tells a woman that he is a doctor or a professional will stand a higher chance of landing her. The reason behind is that a woman perceives that such a man will be able to provide a better living for her future children.

It is not enough to have a decent income

A woman needs a man who is generous with his resources and will provide for her children generously. This is the reason why women always place such likings on men who can give her valuable gifts such as jewelry. By doing so, this proves that the man is able to provide for her and her children without any problem.

In addition, it is also why women always place fantastic importance on the engagement ring as such a large buy by a man proves that he is able to provide for her in the long haul. Hence, you must bear in mind that when you question a woman to marry you, you must give her a ring, not because the ring is a symbol of tradition or any romance, but it is a signal that you can provide for her and her children.

Since eons ago until now, women has been hardwired in their brain that their guy must be one who has the ability to provide for her and her children. It is such a sticky perception in women’s mind that a man must show evidence in the form of monetary support before the woman will want to marry the man. If you compare an executive to a lawyer, most women will choose to marry a lawyer as they know the lawyer will be a better provider than the executive. For dating you can choose a site for sugar daddies like or an alternative

My bottom conclusion is that, the largest piece of relationship advice for men is to know and find out what women really need from an evolutionary point of view and try your best to give it to her. If you can do this, I can assure you that you will be able to land the girl of your dreams.

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