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Berlin, Danzig, Elbing, Germany and Poland

Our Garden

When my mother was a little girl she spent much of the war in the garden outside the city of Berlin. The children had fun playing in the garden and the grownups grew lots of fruits and vegetables. In the distance they could see the fire bombing of Berlin and surrounding area. Many times the countryside was a wall of flames. 

My cousin, who was only a few years old at the time, remembers it was hard to sleep because of the constant bombing. When they returned to Berlin, the city was almost in complete ruin. As everything was destroyed they had to make the long walk on foot.  

Most of the grown men, or those over the age of 13 were at the front fighting the communists, including my grandfather. Grandfather, like millions of other young men, never returned from the war.




Giant red poppy flowers grow all over the countryside then and now. The children enjoyed eating the poppy seeds and the women used them as well as old coffee grounds or whatever they could find to make cakes for special occasions.

At the end of the war, refugees came from Germany east of the Oder-Neisse River line fleeing the Soviet army. Many more millions of civilians were expelled and deported.

Polish Partisans on horseback rode with the first waves of Soviet Russian soldiers, who were brutal to the civilian population. As more and more people fled to the west, the communists eventually closed up the eastern sector , first only allowing children to pass between the Russian side  and the American, British and French sectors, then closing it off altogether.

Only one bag could be carried out of the Russian sector. My mother carried the sewing machine and other valuables piece by piece from great-grandmother's apartment in the east to the my mother's home in the western part of Berlin.

When the communists built the wall my cousin and other relatives got stuck on the east side of Berlin and my mother and grandmother were on the west side. Finally when the wall fell in 1989 they were able to freely travel to see each other again.

The Wall
Our Garden

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Today much of the countryside around Berlin is still as it was hundreds of years ago.



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